Dura – Buddhist Philosophy

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8 Hours


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Geshe Jampa Kunchog

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Dura (བསྡུས་གྲྭ་) is the fundamental study text of the Geshe study. It explains the key concepts of Buddhist philosophy which are used throughout the whole study of the Tibetan Buddhist monastic universities, get they are not explained afterwards. Dura provides essential definitions of the concepts, their synonyms and antonyms, divisions of the sets and subsets and other relations among them. While such systematic structure offers clarity about the topic, the study of the Dura classes is also fun and exciting, partly because Geshe la’s ability to create a relaxed yet inquisitive atmosphere and because he understands challenges that western students are facing when learning Tibetan philosophy, and partly because each debate opens new horizons of Buddhist philosophy. Geshe Jampa Kunchog is a highly qualified awarded scholar who is also a westerner, which makes him uniquely beneficial for the students. He is also the head of the department of Buddhist philosophy. This way, each new class presents a new adventure, gradually developing both understanding of the concepts as well as thinking abilities. Dura classes are connected to Debate 1 and 2 classes and the Student Sessions.


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