Dura Debate 2

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12 Hours


Thubten Tamdrin

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Another wonderful aspect of classical monastic university study is the variety of teachers that the students are exposed to during their study. Different teachers bring different emphasis different understanding to the students which in addition benefits the debates. Our teachers’ ability to adapt to the level of each student and to increase their abilities to think on their own is not something that we would learn through our western education or in dharma centers, yet it is the approach which is well enrooted in the monastic tradition stemming from the great Nalanda University and back, to the ancient India of the Buddha and his disciples. All our teachers are well trained in this tradition and they kindly transfer their knowledge to the present time students. Just like other SICGU teachers, Thuben Tamdrin has been studying in Sera Jey Monastic University, following its centuries long lineage.


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