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Geshe Jampa Kunchog

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The Light of Meditation class is based on the book of the same name. It belongs to the commentarial classification of the Lamrim books – the books that define the gradual path to enlightenment and are common under different names in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The unique feature of this book and even more the class is that the author of the book and the teacher of the personifies an extremely rare unity of classical Tibetan scholarship while being a western monk, growing up submerged in the experiences of the western culture as well as spending over twenty years in a Tibetan monastery where he studied and taught. When such precise and profound understanding of the Buddhist path is applied to the western way of life, one’s everyday life can be truly effectively transformed, starting with one’s mental habits. Just like the book, the classes are divided to two main parts: the first is elucidating general premises of Buddhist philosophy applied to everyday life, while the second section is focused on developing sharp mind and introducing us to the fundamentals of the Tibetan debate.


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