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    Full Program

    Full program follows the study materials and curriculum of Geshe study on the Sera Jey Monastic University. This will be accredited courses. The main requirement to attend the full program is the student’s dedication to serious long-term study.

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    Additional Programs

    Additional programs are certified programs. They are based on the essence of Tibetan Buddhism and designed for application in the challenges of modern everyday life.

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    Other Classes

    Other classes are classes outside our regular online curriculum, for example the Tibetan Alphabet Classes or The Art of War and Peace Meditation Classes. They are held by our senior students.

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    Enrollment to the Classes

    To register for the classes, please go to the Registration ​and chose the classes you wish to attend. There is a requirement for sending us a resume with more information about you, your motivation for study and your background in Buddhist philosophy. Please prepare your resume in advance so that you can attach it during the process of registration.

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    Technical Requirements

    Students shall have a computer and good internet connection (good enough for video conference programs).
    ​Time zone: One shall be able to attend the classes according to the time written on our schedule. The class hours might be most suitable for the European and American students.

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    Donations and Fees

    SICGU is not-for-profit organization and depends on the generosity of students and other supporters to offer classes. You can choose one of these options:

    Student Donor: $100 / month
    Student Patron $200 / month
    SICGU Partner $500 / month
    Friend of SICGU $ (amount of your choice)

    ​For more information and to submit the payment go to the donation page.

    News, dates and other information are provided through our mailing list.


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